Advantages of Mediation

Mediation involves an independent and neutral third party (the mediator) assisting parties in resolving their disputes. It is the mediator's role to facilitate the exchange of information to ensure each party accurately understands the other's position on all issues and to assist parties in developing alternative solutions to their problems. 

Each party signs an Agreement to Mediate with Kerygma after which Kerygma will arrange for a mediation to be conducted in a comfortable, neutral location at a time convenient to the parties. Mediation is confidential, voluntary and non-binding. The costs of conflict are enormous, resulting in high levels of dissatisfaction and personal frustration. Increased costs and delays in the judicial process have resulted in more disputes being successfully resolved through mediation.

Mediation is preferable because:

1.       Mediation presents a relatively inexpensive, cost-effective way of resolving disputes;

2.       Mediation can be conducted quickly at times convenient to the parties;

3.       All parties come away satisfied; mediation provides a "win-win" scenario;

4.       The parties, who are most familiar with the issues, determine the process.